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08-10-2012, 04:29 PM
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I suppose the cup half full view approach could be the thought that without Carle signing elsewhere, Mesz popping his Achilles and Pronger's freak accident, the young homegrown D-men would probabaly never have gotten a decent sniff at a top six spot... even with Luke Schenn brought in and Grossmann signed there is still an opening for the kids to get a fair shot... And (God forbid) injuries and giving Kimmo more rest can only add to that.

The Flyers have Rearguard Farmhands in the System almost always have used them as depth and trading assets... the Flyers SOP has been to pluck talented and seasoned D-men from other Organizations while using their own in a pinch and as depth.

Gus, MAB and to a much lesser extent Manning got their feet in the door last season but, unless here were a trade, with Mesz healthy and certainly Weber signed and Luke Grossmann and Gervais added what place would they have to develop and play this season? Also there is Kessel and other young D-men chomping at the bit with little space to cram into in the near future.

Assuming Pronger is out of the picture and Homer cannot strike a deal for that cherished next true Number One... Can Mesz's injury and Carle's departure be a blessing in disguise?... I will not and in there Nashville's matching of Weber's contract in that because in no way can that be considered a blessing of any sort. <sigh>

... Just sayin'.

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