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08-10-2012, 05:32 PM
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Originally Posted by danincanada View Post
Quite the exaggeration.
My bad, I forgot about the 8-14 minutes a game where one team is on the PP. So 46-52 minutes of dumping, chasing and cycling then heh.

Other than some players choosing the KHL for the money, where are these more talented players playing instead of taking less money to be in the NHL? If teams can't afford to have more talented players in their lineup then there must be another option for those players. The most effective players are generally in the NHL. Owners and GMs generally want to win so they will do whatever it takes to improve their teams and it's not like every team is up against the cap.

You would rather see a less effective player take that spot for the sake of entertainment. I understand that because this is entertainment to us but the sport is about winning so the most competitive and effective (best) players will typically get the roster spots.
You're obviously still not understanding that no team can afford to employ 20 goal scorer on their 3rd and 4th lines anymore.
Nor are you understanding that out of all the players with high talent and instincts, only a percentage of them will also be good enough skaters to make today's NHL.
When the game was slower, there was a larger talent base to pick from and players with pure talent got the first looks, not the ones that can skate the fastest.

They are trying to limit their mistakes because they are trying to win. If you want to see more mistakes then go watch minor hockey instead. More mistakes, less talent and efficiency. I'd rather see the highest level of hockey...the NHL. You are exaggerating again, too.
Unfortunately your hypothesis is flawed right from the beginning. Teams are not trying to win today, they are trying not to lose.
Everything about today's game is about preventing goals at even strength and then waiting for mistakes or PP's to take offensive chances.
Numerous ex-players like Gretzky and Orr have spoken out on the state of game, more importantly, the direction in which kids are being coached from an early age today.
It's not to win, it's to not make mistakes.
The game is definitely faster now but better...not a chance.

I know you play hockey so you should realize that it is more difficult to play at a faster pace. You have to make quicker decisions and always be on your toes. It's much easier to play a slower game because you have more time and space.
Why do you think the game has so much dumping, chasing and cycling? Because the game is TOO fast!
It's not easier to play a slower game because all that happens in a faster game is endless line changes and dumping of the puck.
THESE are the easiest things to do in hockey.

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