Thread: Confirmed with Link: Habs select Charles Hudon - 122nd overall
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08-10-2012, 05:53 PM
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Originally Posted by bcv View Post
Looked good today, skating didn't seem like a issue.
He's missing that extra gear to really get away from the pressure, or to blow through the defense. He had a partial breakaway today that could've been a true chance if he would have been faster.

Got to say I'm really impressed by him. I knew he was always thinking offense having seen him play a handful of times last year, but he's really doing good. And on both sides of the ice on top of it.

He was on two goals today on the PK, but both were due to a bad coverage by the D's behind him (on Zlobin's goal particularly).

Spott has a lot of confidence in Hudon having coached him at the U-18 last year, and you can see that gives Hudon the leash he needs to really exploit his talent. He hangs on the puck a little longer to open up passing lanes. I'd like to see him a bit more intense on the PK in his own zone but aside from that he's been great.

Originally Posted by DekeLikeYouMeanIt View Post
No it's not overrated. I've seen him quite a bit (clearly not as much as you have - let's get that out of the way) and I was a fan of his early on. His skating is bad for his size.. BUT he works hard and he's going to improve it a lot. I'm sure of it.
You just have to take in example Brendan Gallagher, skating is something you can improve, unlike hockey sense, or size. He needs improvement, you can't deny it.

Originally Posted by VirginiaMtlExpat View Post
So, is does he remind people of Giroux, or is the comparison absurd?
It might be a bit pushed, he hasn't scored 100 pts in the 'Q yet, unlike Giroux in his draft year.

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