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08-10-2012, 07:10 PM
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Originally Posted by JGRB View Post
In defense of the players, who's idea was it to put hockey into non-traditional markets in order to "expand" the game? It was surely Bettman and his "league of governors" who had they're say in that. Now who is crying wolf because said teams cannot compete in today's CBA climate?

I call that the boy who cried Wolf, personally.
And if we didn't expand a lot of those players wouldn't have an NHL job. Goes both ways.

If players don't get that if teams struggle, there will be issues, that's their problem. Reality is, if expansion teams can have an even playing field, they will grow and in turn they will spend to the cap.

What's better, 10 teams who spend to a high cap or 30 who spend to a slightly lower one?

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