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Originally Posted by Herby View Post
I think K17 brought up a couple of points that have been overlooked.

1. The strength of the dollar. The dollar will eventually gain strength, it may not be for a few years, but when it does you are going to see the same thing that happened in the late 90's with the exodus of teams out of Canada. No way can Winnipeg or Edmonton survive if the dollar gets back to it's levels of the 90's. Remember these teams are taking in gates, merchandise and local TV deals in Canadian dollars and paying out salaries in American dollars. If the cap were to stay in the same ballpark it's at right now with what the exchange rate was in say 1997, not only would those teams struggle, you would also possibly lose Calgary and Ottawa.
Unlikely to happen, at least to a 1997 extent.

3 reasons:
1. US Debt and Debt rating
2. Rising oil prices make most Alberta Bitumen profitable.
3. US REAL umemployment rate and other economic issues.

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