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08-10-2012, 07:18 PM
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My understanding that the Maroons had a tough team identity, like the Leafs or Bruins. They probably would still have that. They'd be a small market team compared to the Canadiens as well, so probably be like Nashville. Some big rugged guys, but some cheap, soft Euro guys up front.

Canadiens probably never would have played in the Forum. They probably would have built something about where they are now or east, much earlier.

Maroons would have tried to snag French players, no question, so language issues probably would have faded.

But would the language laws allow them to keep the name Maroons? Probably would have been good business to change the name anyway.

Les Marrons Sont La!

And who knows, maybe the Canadiens would have folded, like they almost did in the late 30's. Would the rule giving them rights to French players have standed? They probably would have had to split them? Would Beliveau have been a Marron?

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