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Originally Posted by johnjm22 View Post
If the NHL contracts then that just means 16 out of 28 teams are losing money instead of 18 out of 30.

And there can be a lot of reasons why a franchise is failing. It doesn't always mean the market isn't viable. Columbus and NYI are struggling for obvious reasons, and I don't think it's because the markets are necessarily bad.

They used to say the same thing about the Pound Sterling.
Increased TV revenue per team and extra revenue sharing money available would be enough to push a few teams into the black. There are 8 or so teams losing $6M or less, so with 2 less teams and some tweaks to sharing, the NHL could easily get the number of teams losing money down to 10, if not single digits.

As for that 2nd point, I think the NHL needs some accountability as far as owners keeping their teams in shape. There are some markets that are obvious failures, but teams in good markets who are losing money year after year should be examined.

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