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08-10-2012, 09:24 PM
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Originally Posted by heusy_79 View Post
It's not like London and Kitchener are innocent.
I don't think anyone from either of those camps or fan bases is pleading innocence. Fact of the matter is...the Spits got caught. Period. (the Rags were excused of any wrong doing from what I've read). I cheer for the Knights and some deals have appeared fishy over the past decade. Let's be truthful. Difference can point fingers all you want..but until something is's just unfounded accusations.

The question now lies is whether or not one feels this is just a black eye on the Spits..or the entire league?

The bigger black eye could come to light if an appeal by the Spits causes admissions to come out that this has happened in the past and was swept aside or for lack of better wording "overlooked" for whatever reasoning. I for one feel not much good is going to come from such an appeal. Yes it's their right to do so, but it could open a whole can of worms and internal prying that the OHL may or may not be prepared to face.

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