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08-10-2012, 08:24 PM
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I posted this at the end of the thread that got closed, so I will repost it here as I am curious what peoples' expectations for the Bulldogs this season are.

I am also excited to see or hear the Bulldogs games this year. That said, I think we also need to lower our expectations for the team, they will be the youngest team in the AHL by far, and don't as of now have any career AHL veterans to help carry the load and lead the way. My hope is that Darche now having seen nobody busting down his door to give him the NHL contract he wanted, will accept a salary similar to his NHL one from last year to go and be the Captain of the team. Other teams have older players that still are listed on the NHL roster that will be sent down after training camp and raise the average age of their AHL teams, The only ones I see currently for the Bulldogs are Geoffrion, Palushaj and Leblanc who are the same age as the others so will not change the average age much. Rosters are not set yet, but I found this link that hopefully will work so you can see the average age and which players are listed on the AHL teams and which are still on the NHL roster according to the site and compare the Bulldogs roster to the others.

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