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08-10-2012, 08:43 PM
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Originally Posted by countrygentleman View Post
Why can't the players and owners just go 50/50 on the revenues? Seems like a simple solution.
Because they both think they deserve more than half...

And the players have zero reason to think that ANY rollback in salary is reasonable, when the league as a whole is making record profits each year.

I think pro athletes are shockingly overpaid in this country, but I think that most of the owners are completely insane if they think cutting a guaranteed contract by 24% overnight isn't going to result in a lockout... Obviously I understand that it was likely a lowball to get the ball rolling, but if I were Fehr, that initial offer would be a downright insult.

The longer this goes on, the more and more I'm mentally preparing myself for a protracted lockout.

The owners are nuts, the players are pissed at all the BS the league won't look into (consistent discipline, clearly defined rules, a real effort to curb deliberate injury, a solution to what to do with Phoenix, etc). On top of that, it just seems completely moronic to do away with an agreement that has seen the league become what it has.

Yeah, things need tweaking. Put a limit on contract length, fine. Clearer language on cap circumvention. Put a neutral party in charge of suspensions and discipline. Personally, I don't think a rollback is an unreasonable request, but 24% is a joke.....

I dunno. Maybe I'm just getting myself wound up, but I don't see either side giving in. Owners think they've got nothing to lose, and players worry that they're going to lose everything.

Edit: My dad did large scale contract negotiation (labor unions) for better than a decade. He always said: "Power is a pendulum. If it swings too far to one side, nothing gets done, everyone gets bitter and everyone ends up losing... It's just a matter of losing now, or losing a few years from now."

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