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08-10-2012, 10:21 PM
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Okay, I'm going to re-write my introduction again, since I felt bad for writting a really bad one the first time around.

Hi, I'm Taelin!

Currently a university student studying criminology and psychology at SFU, and hope to graduate eventually. I'm a Chinese Canadian and also female; needless to say, people don't usually expect me to be a sports fan. Never went far with sports (did figure skating and ballet as a kid), and I loathe to exercise nowadays.

I'm also a hobby musician; did piano, violin, oboe (band) and singing. Huge music geek right here!

First fell in love with the Canucks via Bertuzzi and the WCE era; my first memory of the Canucks was that Wild playoff game (giving up the 3-1 series lead). So, I started kind of late compared to the rest of you guys. Lost interest during the lockout, but hopped back on the bandwagon during the '09 playoffs and never left since! Didn't get a jersey until last year though, since I never had any disposible income until then.

I tend to be hot-headed when arguing and usually make no sense, so don't mind me! Love to use sarcasm too, so I gotta remember to use the smiley all the time.

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