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08-10-2012, 11:59 PM
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Originally Posted by BVicious View Post
I swear 90% of the people at this site know NOTHING about the NHL. If the package isn't what Feaster wants, he doesn't trade him. No different than trading iggy for some maybe prospects and the 30th pick overall. You can't do that. Can't. That's why he isn't.

Flames don't need to trade him. Flames don't need to trade him. Flames don't need to trade him. Flames don't need to trade him.

So the Flames don't need to trade him, so unless they get the top 6 center + for him, he will not be traded.

Discuss the rumor, but stop looking like retards, acting like you know ANYTHING about running a Franchise.

lol I'd rather read Eklund and his silliness. He makes more sense than most of u.
He was not a maybe prospect in my opinion, but how exactly did Iginla wind up on the Flames again? Some things being thrown out aren't maybe prospects they are guys with merit. Not all of them and I agree I have seen some bad proposals both ways from what the Flames want value wise to what other teams want to short change them with. But almost star caliber players are traded throughout history in the NHL for prospects and draft picks.

Serious question for Flames fans, is it ownership that is stopping the rebuild from taking place? Surely at some point in the last five years one of the two GM's has said maybe we should go that route and been shot down by ownership at least that is my opinion.

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