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08-11-2012, 12:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Dale Teemuchuk View Post
Your F looks great. Just a few notes from Jets fan perspective:

Buff: I could totally seeing you guys doing a Mike Green 2010 Team Canada on him. If you do want a big blast for the PP, take him for sure. He could excel at times, but he would be a wild card that is too unpredictable considering the amazing depth USA has now. Since there are extra slots you may want to roster him in case you get a rash of injuries at either F or D.

Bogo: I absolutely realize you have depth at D. But he won't disappoint you and he is an every situation type of guy.

Wheeler: He was our best forward by a mile last year. Carried the team on his back after first 20 games. He had no goals until then. He wouldn't make your squad right now, but keep a close eye. I think the Pomineville choice is wise as of this moment though.

Of course, I hope none of them make your team, they stay home to rest up for a playoff run, and I can cheer against you with no reservations.
cant see Pominville making this team over guys like JVR, Wheeler, and Pacioretty which I am seeing a lot of.

I personally dont think that Pominville has a snow ball's chance in hell to make this squad, but thats just me ofcourse.

Wheeler and JVR are the most intriguing players, as both play with size and speed. And though they are bigger kids, they arent heavy weights nor going to bowl players over most games..but what they will do is help us balance out our group of smaller forwards (Kane, Parise, Pavelski, etc) with wingers with size and skill and some grit..

With JVR going to the Leafs, he will have his chance to shine, as this could be this kid's big coming out party and a spot on this 2014 team.

Wheeler like you said carried the Jets the tail end of last year, he needs to be more consistent, but if he does anything like he did this season, he should make this team in 2014.

Pacioretty is going to be a stud for the US. He is an all around power forward with speed and skill....the kind of player that Badger Bob would drool over. This kid is being criminally left off of some posters rosters, and for the life of me I simply cant see how or why.

xtreme wild card: Chris Kreider. Yep! I went there. If this kid lives up to the hype, and plays anywhere near the level he played in the playoffs, your looking at another 6'3 225lb power winger with speed to kill and hands of gold...this is the blue chip kind of player we have been waiting for as (JVR, Wilson, Schroeder) havent reached that level yet..

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