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Originally Posted by FunkyColdHrdina View Post
I don't see this dragging out, honestly. The just need to tweak what thet currently have, unlike last time where they introduced the salary cap and lowered UFA age
-I see it dragging out a while. After the last lockout it took a year for the league to be successful. The owners know fans will come back(despite their "you'll never see another dime of my money" statements), so why should owners who are in the red(i.e. small market teams) continue to operate non-money making businesses when they can shut it down(lose less money), work/force a deal in which the premise is that all of the businesses(i.e. 30 clubs) are profitable.

Here's what Bettman said last November:

[I]"It was very painful for us when we lost the season. We didn't have a choice. We had some pretty fundamental problems. And in our case, I'm not necessarily suggesting it's a template for anybody else, we came back stronger. We were back stronger than ever on Day 1 because our fans understood that we had problems and that they had been addressed in collective bargaining and that gave us great optimism for the future. [/I]

-The owners have other means of making money. Do the players? Your big names will have no problem going somewhere in Europe and making some money, but what about the 3rd-4th line guys? The average NHL career is 3 seasons(241 games). How many of your non-marque guys are willing to sacrifice a year of that?

Bill Guerin said it best this last season when talking about the NBA's potential lost season:

[I]"It's not worth it. Get a deal done," former Dallas Stars forward Bill Guerin said during a phone call last week.

There was not a single NHL player during the Great Lockout of 2004-05 who was a bigger proponent of the union's fight than this man. No one believed in the cause more than Guerin, and to hear him admit this is a bit stunning.

"I learned a big lesson: It's not a partnership. It's their league, and you are going to play when they want," he said.

Today, Guerin has hindsight and his experience serves as a giant caution to any player who thinks losing a game, much less an entire season, to this lockout is a good idea. His message is simple: Get what you can; start playing; you are not going to win what you think.

"It is not worth it to any of them to burn games or to burn an entire year. Burning a year was ridiculous," Guerin said. "It wasn't worth me giving up $9 million a year, or 82 games plus the playoffs, then having a crappy year and being bought out

You think that the $ signs didn't show up in every owners eyes when they heard this late last year. The longer the NHLPA/Fehr are under the impression that they aren't gonna give up substantial concessions, the longer this will continue.

Even those that are "in the know" are expecting time lost:

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