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08-11-2012, 02:35 AM
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Originally Posted by The Bored Man View Post
He'll progress, but not to the standards being discussed. At 23 years old, a forward's offensive skills should be coming through. Give him another year if you like, but I don't see Backlund becoming a first line centre.

There are exceptions, the Sedins being the most famous ones, and defencemen and goalies are quite unpredictable. IMO, though, if you're still searching for a 23 year old, sub 0.4 pts/g forward to be a go-to-guy in the near future, then you're wasting your time.
To set the record straight, at the time Backlund was drafted he was said to have the "ceiling" of a top line center, that is not to say he was a guarantee to get there. Most 1st round picks should that have ceiling, otherwise what's the point of selecting them there?

I don't think you will find any Flames poster's saying that we expect him to become that guy as of today. Is it possible he develops to become one, sure but I'd say its unlikely. I think most can look at his game and skillset and agree it is definitely not out of the question that he can become a good #2C. I don't know why people (not Flames posters) in this thread starting bringing up past draft projections that have nothing to do with this thread.

No one is currently claiming as such, its just the usual attempt to bash the Flames at every given chance. Its actually become very comical to me.

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