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Originally Posted by metric View Post
So...the slogan for 2012 London apparently is Own the [bottom of the] Podium
That's a good one.

I really enjoyed the games this year.
Even though a lot of the favorites fell through or did not reach expectations, there were a lot of breakthroughs in unexpected places, which is always nice to see.
Also, I am just glad many of the Canadian athletes gave it their all and competed with grace and humility.
They had been really classy and showed true sportsmanship, which is how the IOC promotes itself.
Winning gold is nice, but for me, the process is also very important.
Winning at all cost can be cruel, and in some cases, down right tragic.
I think a lot of them had done it the right way.

As long as they reach that target of 12th place, then the Canadian program will continue to get funding, and maybe even see an increase.
It would be nice to get more golds, but right now, I just want them to get more funding and be able to train more athletes.
London is a building block for the future.

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