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08-11-2012, 11:04 AM
You're the man Teemu
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Originally Posted by Ted Brautigan View Post
Ok. you are right and noboby can disagree. Hah. If you cant discuss about that, fine. What if Canadiens retires numbers same way? Only thing you must do is play 10 season and bring the Cup. Selanne is one and only who earns that, because he is the best player in Dycks history. Giguere was a great Duck, but not greatest, and only the greatest deserve retiring.
So assuming no-one else for the next 100 years of Ducks hockey is as good as Teemu, they shall not have their number retired either?

Originally Posted by Ted Brautigan View Post
No, but Selanne is player who must be retired first, for the first era of the Ducks. When Selanne retires, then maybe Getz, if he bring more Cups and show more class. One player per one era. Selanne is same era than Jiggy.
Sorry but this is just silly. One player per era? You do know that it's likely two top quality players will be on a team for extended amount of time at the same time, right?

Look at the records Jiggy has for the franchise:
- Most wins
- Most shutouts
- Most single season wins
- Most single season shutouts
- Most goaltender games
- Most goaltender minutes

And his career with the Ducks:
Regular season
447 Games
25,645 Minutes

206 Wins
163 Losses
59 OT

32 Shutouts

2.47 GAA
.914 SV%

Playoff Record
52 Games
3,167 Minutes

33 Wins
17 Losses

6 Shutouts

2.08 GAA
.925 SV%

2003 Conn Smythe
2007 Stanley Cup
2009 All-Star Game

Could of had Vezina as well, got very unlucky not to win it in 2003.

All in all, that's a pretty fantastic career with the Ducks, hell those numbers would be even better if you take out the terrible time he had in 2009/10 before being traded. About the only franchise goaltending record he doesn't have for the franchise is single season games.

We were also lucky enough to be graced with one of the best if not the best goaltending performance in playoff history in 2003.

While I agree that Teemu should be the first number up, Jiggy is 100% deserving to have his number retired, playing in the same era as one of the best ever European players shouldn't be held against him. Jiggy was an amazing goaltender in his prime, Jiggy was just as important to this franchise as Teemu, with his on ice performances IMO.

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