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08-11-2012, 11:52 AM
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I didn't realize that this forum was primarily a Wheeling Nailer/Bulldog forum . As far as NHL prospects are concerned.....yes they are garbage.

Using your logic there shouldn't even be a HF forum as apparently the minimum requirement to have a critical opinion is a position in the AHL
Having a critical opinion is one thing. I actually think more posters should have a critical opinion on our prospects. For example, reading the article on our top 20, you get the impression we are a top 5 teams in terms of prospect pool which is not the case at all. There is not enough emphasis on our prospects weaknesses/areas they need to work on, but that is just my opinion and I'm sure many disagree with this.

As for calling a young man "garbage", that is not being critical. It's rude and classless. First, because these boards are accessible to anyone: players, famillies and friends. Second, because it does not bring anything to the argumentation. If you want to say you believe they have no chance of reaching the NHL, that's fine, there are others ways to express that.

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