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08-11-2012, 11:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Roadman View Post
Fist a couple of givens. We all have admitted and come to grips with the fact we won't really have a top line, there is some talent that may get there at some point but not at this time. We also don't really have a classic third checking line. Three fair 2nd lines is probably the best description of the forward core. To that end, not going to label them 1,2,3 or even 2 A,B,C; in keeping with the Capt America theme I am dubbing them the Red, White, and Blue lines. (Note: the Russian flag is also red, white, and blue.) The expectation is for the TOI to be evenly divided, really rolling four lines. The order is not important and they can be matched-up as needed. Think it provides a good overall balance. Play hard, play fast, make it hurt, keep it close and own the third period.

Red: Dubinsky-Anisimov-Atkinson
With as many new faces take advantage of what existing chemistry there is, so we start with the NYR pair. Anisimov gives you some size at center, necessary to compete in the Western Conference. The thought is Dubinsky should have a comeback year and will score some goals. Together the pair is defensively responsible. Atkinson is probably as close as we have to a sniper, but is still a little green around the edges defensively so putting him here gives some balance and the opportunity to learn without being too much of a liability. I also like having Dubinsky riding shotgun for Cam, as there will be some that would like to take a run at a slightly undersized threat, especially if he can start to light it up.

White: Umberger-Brassard-Foligno
Again there is some history here with RJ and Brass. I know many have advocated keeping the CUB line together. My opinion is that it is just too much of a defensive liability. Why just ask for it? Splitting Brass and Atkinson give a better over all balance, for now and Cam learns his trade things can change. Foligno brings a scoring touch and a little bit of nasty to the table. Just feels like a good fit here.

Blue: Prospal-Johansen-Letestu
Can't think of anyone on the CBJ I would rather have working along side RyJo as he learns than Vinny. He is the consummate professional and should really help as well as providing a scoring touch. Letestu on the other side can help as well. About as good a situation as you could ask for to boost the career of your future #1 center.

Black: Gillies/Boll-Dmac-Dorsett
As in Black & . Not a lot else need be said. Hard hitting, forechecking line with enough skill to add some offense.


Hard to know who steps up for the the 6th spot. Think best two of the four "youngs" stay up and rotate through the 5/6 slot with Aucoin. My guess is Murray and Moore with Erixon and Savard in SPR. At least until the inevitable man games missed.

Well there it is. It is a roster with a lot of depth, but not a lot of top end skill. There is some promise and some hope for the future, just not sure when that future will arrive. It is a foundation upon which a successful program can be built, but even that foundation won't be complete with the goal question yet to be settled.

Should be a fun year.

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Great work, these are among the most intriguing line combos I have seen

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