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Originally Posted by DekeLikeYouMeanIt View Post
Yea Didier can bring more offense than Pateryn that's for sure.
I hope Didier can show more offensively now that he should be a regular for a full season, but if I compared him to Pateryn's Freshman year I would say Pateryn showed considerable more offensive skills as he actually has a decent shot that's heavy and he likes to pinch in just that he's not the fastest skater.

But Didier moves much better then Pateryn while looking shaper in his own end. Looking forward to seeing how he does next season at DU.

Originally Posted by QuebecPride View Post
That's quite funny.
? Not sure what was funny, I was busy at work so I kept it short.

Originally Posted by David Thicke View Post
Oops, you are right about Pribyl, he has a December birthday so he can't play as he will be 20.

MacMillan is listed by the Canadiens as a LW and is on their actual depth charts as one but he did play the center position most of the year with all the injuries at UND. It is great for his development to play more positions. Ex. Holland is listed as a RW but played his rookie season at LW then most of his second year at center but played mostly RW this past year. He took important face-offs and play the center position on the penalty kill and defense on the power play. So what's is position really? RW, so MacMillan could play center or LW with Kristo this year in UND but then again you never really know what could happen with injuries or lack of scoring.

Didier is closer to Pateryn than Nash but he isn't even comparable because each player plays differently. What I meant was that Didier is more defensive minded like them but hasn't really shown his offensive capabilities yet in the NCAA. He could be better than both of them as he has three more years of development at the NCAA level.

Thanks again for the Pribyl catch, missed that one.
I haven't heard anything on how the lines are going to look for North Dakota, the good thing about MacMillan is that he can play at center or wing and not have it effect his style of play. I hope he's at center as his playing making and vision are his bread and butter and I like my centers to be playmakers with top notch passing skills despite him being so undersized. At least he's got the speed/skating and seems to have the heart as he consistently works hard and is willing to pay the price by going to the dirty areas in the o zone. I get to see almost every North Dakota game and he's certainly one of our more offensively skilled prospects so it will be interesting to see how much he can progress/develop over the next few years especially if he can fill out his frame and lower body strength by a good bit over the next 4 years or so.

I would say for sure that MacMillan will play with Kristo since they were consistently used together on the PK, which speaks to how impressive MacMillan had to be, even though ND was hit hard with injuries as a freshman he was a regular in the top 9, the PP and PK unlike say Cichy who struggled to get 4th line minutes his entire 2 years at ND. Kristo had a better season in his Freshman year but didn't work as hard consistently as MacMillan did.

I agree on the interchangable positions. I've been saying it in the Hamilton thread about just how many can play several forward positions. Quailer, Holland, Leblanc, Bournival, Nattinen, Dumont, can all play at center or wing, Vail, Walsh, Pribyl, MacMillan and Galchenyuk as well among the junior/ncaa guys. That's interesting that so many have played center/wing that it should be a benefit down the road for the Habs to have so many possible players that have experience playing multi-positions.

Yes Didier is closer to Pateryn then Nash, as Nash in Hamilton was all about the offense and shaky in his own end so that's the opposite of Didier who showed little in the way of offense but was very steady in his own end in addition to be very physical. I know that at Cornell, Nash didn't get many goals but he was on the top PP and was the top scorer on his team 3 of the 4 years he played there among the defensemen.

Denver is on tv a lot since they are one of the top programs in college hockey so I got to see a bunch of Didier and I can say he doesn't seem to be anything like Nash but he is a bit like Pateryn as both came out of the USHL and USHS as true freshman (although Pateryn's team folded in the USHL as he wasn't supposed to be a true freshman) both have big frames and can throw big time hits. Didier was more impressive when you compare both their Freshman years as Didier is a better skater and more mobile.

Originally Posted by Estimated_Prophet View Post
I agree.
I don't know if I would say Walsh is underrated other then the fact that usually every NCAA draft pick of ours will likely get underrated around here just due to the simple fact that many won't seem them play. But while I like Walsh and would easily have him higher then Lefebvre who I still am not sure why the Habs signed him in the first place although perhaps he could be a good ECHLer and I'd have him over Berger until Berger vastly improves his skating as Walsh while not the best or quickest of skaters moves much better then Berger (although we'll see how much the hip injury impacts him going forward as it's been a recurring injury and he's missed a lot of time).

That said while I like Walsh a lot, with what looks like a possible solid rookie class for Hamilton in 2013-2014 which after the huge class we will have this up coming season means ice time and contract space could have Walsh on the outside looking in especailly if the hip injury has had a impact on his game as he has good hands but struggled with consistency and has been bounced around the lineup (pre injury last season) which is not something you want or expect to see from an upperclassman in college hockey. I do hope that Walsh can get on track as he's got the skills so it will be interesting to see how it goes next season. Dartmouth isn't on tv all that much but usually I get to see them a couple times and in the past I've had a season pass to their home games (webcast, as Dartmouth is a very long drive for me! )

Originally Posted by David Thicke View Post
It's hard to compare Walsh in the NCAA to Berger & Lefebvre in the AHL but if you look at those two in junior to Walsh in the NCAA then they have played better than him. Again, sometime the light bulb comes on at different times for each player, early bloomer vs late bloomer. You just never know and that's why it's a crap shoot!
I didn't see Berger in juniors but I did see Lefebvre and I would say that Walsh was easily better and showed a lot more offensively although Lefebvre is better in his own end then Walsh, I would personally have Walsh higher then Lefebvre for sure, Berger is a little tougher since he did show improvement in the 2nd half last season but with his skating being so poor and the way he greatly struggled for much of his time in the AHL I'd go with Walsh although the hip injury is a major concern to me since he's had it 3 years now so I can see why someone would take Berger over Walsh. In terms of talent I'd take Walsh

Although I wouldn't call any prospect garbage, Berger's stats are beyond brutal, 1 goal in 47 games, and a -19 is a tough one but worse then that is how he looked in many of those games. That said if the injuries didn't hit so hard he was supposed to go to the ECHL from what I had heard so who knows how it would have gone for him had he went that route as he clearly wasn't ready for the pace of the AHL.

Originally Posted by DekeLikeYouMeanIt View Post
Berger is definitely not garbage. His skating is really bad right now but I think he's got what it takes to improve it this offseason.
I'd be surprised if he turned into anything for us, but hopefully he can improve his skating by leaps and bounds as getting free talent that helps the Habs is always good.

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