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08-11-2012, 01:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Ceremony View Post
Why is there someone on the trade rumours board trying to find out what kind of offersheet could get O'Reilly out of Colorado?
I believe he is trying to find at what point Avs fans will say they would not match an OF on O'Reilly. Right now he thinks that at around at 6+ million the Avs will not match it. The compensation for that is 2 1sts+2nd+3rd. He has convinced himself that therefore his value to us is 2 1sts+2nd+3rd, while completely ignoring the contract. He will then offer an equivalent package(in his mind) to the picks(something like Kadri+) And if Avs fans say no, he will say he O'Reilly's value to us is 2 1sts+2nd+3rd, and that what he is offering is in line with how we value him.

He tried the identical thing with Duchene.

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