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08-11-2012, 03:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Habaneros View Post
You might be right , but i dunno if i feel it is right .I mean you take 21,000 out, i think it's tough to put another new 21,000 in to be honest.....if demand was so great there wouldn't have been empty seats last year in Bell.....It would take the majority of all fans to buy in , including non season ticket holders etc.....

This isn't like if you don't pay your power bill you lose your electricity, in the NHL if fans stop paying TICKETS prices GO DOWN look at other markets,when fans start staying away out come the we love you ticket prices...

It's a rigged game for NHL, they just keep upping tickets every year, then claim leauge so healthy increased revenue,when it just gouging the fans ,and what do ya get in return? they lock fans out not 1 time not 2 ,now coming on 3 TIMES. So when they do come back SAME OLD STORY we're sorry fans, were back, and will only raise ticket prices 50% in next 5

I love to see the fans fight back,because NHL spits in the fans faces (lockouts)
The player and NHL fight over fans money, i think it's fair the fans start fighting back ,due to seeing how little respect is given to fans .

Your team finishes last , that shouldn't give anyone a right to raise ticket prices it's a joke and it highlight the the problem.

How is it ticket prices NEVER go down? yes because they keep asking for more and fans pay it ....taking out bank loans to pay for season tickets....will there be a day were you can buy season tickets and pay over 5 years for them just like a car? lol

It's really out of hand when it's cheaper to fly south to watch hockey.....retarded...
I agree with you.

However, like someone said earlier that makes the most sense.......its like throwing ice cubes at the sun.

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