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12-03-2003, 03:51 PM
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Originally Posted by lowetide
I want to choose my words carefully here because it's not an easy issue.

MacTavish does some things that drive everyone nuts, there's no doubt. His constant line juggling, putting Cross on the PP, belittling the refs then wondering why they screw him blue in the third period, it's enough to drive me to (more) beer.

I dont think he's a good teacher, either. He doesn't really seem to have had a huge impact on any particular prospect. I remember when he broke down Poti's game the first camp and Poti has been broken since.

And yet, I'm not prepared to say he's a bad coach. I can agree he's ill suited to a young bunch like this, and that a more veteran squad would have more success with MacT as leader.

We can't overlook the fact, though, that he's gotten 90 point seasons out of the Oilers since he's been coaching, and made the playoffs more often than not, despite a constantly changing roster and (this season) no center who can win a faceoff.

There are certainly better coaches out there, and there are most certainly worse coaches too.

I know this is fence sitting, but I sincerely believe that the Oilers are where they should be, and a new coach won't change what they are to any great extent. Until they can insert some veterans to show the way, then the Oilers are a 7th-10th place team with a reputation of being entertaining.
You forgot, "fun to play against"

I really wish we coulda ended up with someone like Babcock or that guy in Tampa (John Tortillashell?).

I'm not saying coaches like them are the ticket to the cup, but I want someone who's played a bit, but coached/taught a LONG time. Not played a LONG time and coached/taught a bit.

Julien played a bit and has been coaching a while now. I was a little upset when he ended up in Montreal. I guess because I had hoped he would eventually be MacTs ticket out of here. Probably the wrong reasons to want him in here......because I'm not very familiar what type of coach he is. He isn't really turning that Hab club around yet.

DB followed last years Dawgs pretty good. He likely has a better idea what kind of coach Julien really would have been. Jim of course would have some insight too.

There are rare instances where ex-NHL vets become immediate successes. I would rather put my money on a career coach. And he doesn't have to have been an Oiler at one time

Coaching for a club like we have here is very vital. Good coaching is about the only thing we can afford. It's about the only thing we can go top dollar on, because their salary ceiling is quite low compared to even fringe plumbers in this league.

I'm hoping Lowe considers this. I'm not around the coach and GM every day of course. But I have a hunch Lowe has some partially blind loyalty for his ex-Oiler glory day buddy, Craig. This hunch disturbs me.

If this team has a faltering PP and PK by the end of the season (they won't make the post-season as a result) then Lowe needs to take "old yeller" behind the wood shed.

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