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Originally Posted by Issacar View Post
No harm done

If I was Michel Therrien, I would be comfortable going into the season with Subban as my #1 RD. Is he legit and proven? That's a question that could both fall in the yes/no category if you weight all the arguments.

What most people agree on, (just to reuse NewHabsEra's line), in his case, sky is the limit. What is legit to say (imo), is that if Subban is not a clear cut top pair defenseman now, it won't take much more then 1 more season for him to establish his stock value in that category.
He got the second most minutes on the Habs blue line in his rookie season and he did very good and last season he was hands down our most used defenseman by a large margin and he was a freaking plus player on a terrible hockey club while *always* playing the top opposition.

You can question whether or not hes a "#1" d man. Since everyone has a different perception of what exactly it takes to fit that bill. In my eyes a #1 defenseman is a guy that can play 25 minutes a game, rack up 40 points or more, top penalty killer and play on the top PP unit. The only thing Subban hasn't reached in what i listed is the 40pt plateau although he's been very close and I believe he will surpass it this season.

He is HAND DOWN a top pairing defenseman. It's not even disputable. Anyone who says otherwise has their head in the sands.

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