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Originally Posted by David Thicke View Post
You can't say Berger & Lefebvre are garbage after playong only their rookie seasons in the AHL. If they are still there after four seasons and not showing improvement then call it what you want but for me they simply aren't NHL caliber at that time. It way to early to write-off young players who are playing in the league just below the NHL!

Walsh is underrated for a reason because he struggled with injuries this season but he has improved his game each of his years in the NCAA. He nneds to rebound this season and if he can put up a PPG this season then he will be offered a NHl entry level contract but he has to stay healthy.

It's hard to compare Walsh in the NCAA to Berger & Lefebvre in the AHL but if you look at those two in junior to Walsh in the NCAA then they have played better than him. Again, sometime the light bulb comes on at different times for each player, early bloomer vs late bloomer. You just never know and that's why it's a crap shoot!
Where do you come up with the conclusion that Berger and Lefebvre were better than Walsh when somehow trying to compare their junior stats to Walsh's NCAA stats?. Both Berger and Lefebvre are bad skaters, especially Berger who is downright awful. Neither one of these guys were even AHL calibre last season and are extremely unlikely to ever play in the NHL.

Walsh is a better prospect imo due to the fact that he is a better skater than either one of these players and he has the frame to put on alot more muscle. Neither one of Lefebvre or Berger ever put up a point per game in the CHL, even as overagers. Walsh had 10 pts in his 8 games last season playing at a higher level of hockey. No player on his team finished the season averaging a point per game. That may be a small sample but it certainly blows your statement of the other two players being better than him when they were in junior. Especially, when considering that Lefebvre never finished in the top 3 and Berger never finished in the top 5 in scoring for any of their respective junior teams.

We may have to agree to disagree on this one

Walsh isn't necessarily a great prospect but he certainly is more intriguing than the other two who I absolutely expected to be terrible last season.

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