Thread: Confirmed with Link: Weber's Deal Finalized, Contains no NMC/NTC
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08-11-2012, 05:41 PM
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Absolutely no way he should be given a NTC/NMC, and though I'm not normally one for hysterics about firing people on the spot, giving a NTC/NMC to Weber when there's absolutely no need to is as close to a fireable offense as I can think.

If Weber needed a NTC/NMC, then he shouldn't have signed an offer sheet knowing full-well that a NTC/NMC could not be a clause that needed to be matched. He took a gamble going for the cash, Nashville called the bluff, live with it.

For those saying "no way he can be traded" because of the cash up front, well, the future can come with unexpected endings, the ONLY insurance Nashville had when they committed to this deal was knowing that with no NTC/NMC, if needed, Weber could be moved after this year. And in fact, because a huge chunk of the cash is eaten up front, this only makes Weber even MORE valuable to a trading partner, allowing Nashville to take a hit cash-wise, but command an unbelievable return...IF he can be ransomed off to 29 other teams.

And while I like Weber, believe he likes it in Nashville, the truth is that we've been surprised twice now, first with Suter and then with this offer sheet. Don't bet on anything other than the need to protect the Predators leverage. If Weber becomes unhappy next year or any year going forward, without a NTC/NMC, Nashville can do what it needs to do, and Weber had better behave himself. Otherwise, with a NTC/NMC, Weber can become unhappy, demand to be traded, and give his list of trade partners as being that of Philly or Vancouver and tell Poile get it done or I pout.

Zero reason to give Weber a NTC/NMC, and several reasons not to. The "why not, it likely won't be needed" is hardly a reason.

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