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Originally Posted by Dreakmur View Post
Two year ago scored a career high 14 goals in a second rate league. This year he scored 11 in the same league.

To put those totals in better perspective, he was has finished 96th and 98th in KHL scoring. How much useful skill do you think that requires?

You know why he looked like a man among boys? It's because he was a man among boys. He's 25. The rest of the players were 17-19.

Closer to similar skill... and closer to no figthing.
If Komarov actually drops his gloves by choice, I'll be shocked.
lol the top guy in the KHL had 63 points(Radulov), it's a lower scoring league, He had 26 and 24 points, essentially 0.5 points per game. And that's playing mostly a bottom 6 role with the odd boost to a top 6 role. I could see him hitting 20 points which is more than enough for a 4th liner.

From what scouts have said he actually has really good hands sometimes. Brown has NO hands what so ever, hes a pure energy guy. It's fine if he doesn't drop his gloves like crazy, but to have an agitator like him is useful, he can get under people's skin.

I would much rather have his skillset on the 3rd/4th line than some marlie player or a guy like Lombardi who has no place there.

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