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08-11-2012, 05:13 PM
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Originally Posted by DaveMatthew View Post
There's still a chance he'll be a star, sure. Rundblad has some elite tools, and if he realizes his potential, he'll be a very good player.

Personally, I think he'll end up as a 2nd pairing offensive guy. I don't think his defense is ever going to be his best asset, and he doesn't think or play the game fast enough to be a premier offense first guy like Karlsson, Boyle, etc.

Still, a great result from a 17th overall pick.

Is there any reason you don't think Turris won't become a solid top 6 guy? He scored at the same pace as Van Riemsdyk and Voracek last year, two guys who were drafted in the same year and who many already consider good top 6ers.

I see no reason why Turris can't continue to develop into a solid, two way, 55-65 point centerman, ala Stephen Weiss. Basically, a perfect #2 behind Spezza.

Turris is 22 years old. He scored at a pace that over 82 games would put him at 49 points. And that was after missing training camp.

At this point, there's no reason to believe he can't become a solid #2 centerman. Has he developed as quickly as some would of liked? Probably not. But people usually have unrealistic expectations, even for top 5 picks. Not everyone will be a Crosby, Stamkos, Kane, etc.

Last year, Turris scored at the same pace as guys like Voracek, Van Riemsdyk and Okposo. All of those guys were drafted around the same point, and are pretty much the same age. I think everyone would agree that all 3 already are, or are well on their way, to becoming solid top 6ers. Heck, Voracek and Van Riemsdyk are pencilled in to be on their team's first lines. Why can't the same be said for Turris?

Personally, I think he ends up being a similar player to Stephen Weiss. Weiss didn't have his first good offensive season until he was 23 (when he notched 48 points), but has become a very good two way centerman, scoring 40+ points in each of the last 6 season, and 55+ points in 3 of those. I bet every team would love to have him anchoring their 2nd line, especially if they already had a premier guy like Spezza on line 1.
I pretty much agree with everything you said, particularly with regards to Rundblad. It's possible he becomes a top pairing defenseman though, but more likely (if he reaches potential) he'll be a 2nd pairing defenseman with strong offensive upside and helping the PP a ton.

I also do think Turris could become a solid 2nd line center, but I personally see his top end at around 55 points rather than 65 points like you suggest as a possibility.

I could be, and have been before, wrong but that's just what I see from him. He's also unfortunately a player who doesn't bring much other than points and strong defensive play to the table. Weak on faceoffs, skinny as hell, and an overall perimeter player. He's also very shy it seems which doesn't bode well for the lockerroom (doesn't hurt either, just don't think it adds anything).

We'll see though, personally I would much rather have kept Rundblad (potential top pairing defenseman, more probable 2nd pairing defenseman) and a 2nd round pick then a guy that I personally believe will top out at 55 points if everything works out.

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