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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
A couple summers ago, Babs was pumping up Abby's tires, talking about how he was going to be the third line center, relegated Helm to the 4th line...... which made me lose my cool..... but now Helm is the core player is Abby is dirt. (Not saying this is your position, but the general overtone on the board.)
A couple of years ago is a long time in hockey years though. Players' games develop differently.

Abby isn't dirt by no means, but he's developed into a secondary piece. Which player would be more difficult to replace and which player would Detroit least like to lose? I think the answer would be obvious. Abby can be an effective grinding bottom 6 winger (still has shown a better game on the the wing than in the middle), but Helm has an elite talent (speed) that allows him to have a bigger impact on the game shift after shift. When Helm was absent last year, the lack of speed (compared to when he's on the ice) in the bottom 6 was painfully obvious.

Helm's simply more valuable to this organization.

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