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08-12-2012, 09:32 AM
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Originally Posted by trentmccleary View Post
He turns 23yo on Tuesday.

Players drafted as high as he was are almost always producing producing around 21yo.

Heck, even slow progressing Bobby Ryan:
21yo = 57 pts in 64 gp.

If Turris were ever going to be a star, he would have shown it in his career by now. In juniors, US college hockey, the AHL, anywhere. He would have dominated somewhere. He never has and beyond the 3rd overall selection, I can't see anything in his career that says he'll be better than say... Vermette.

Voracek has the weight of 3 full seasons of proof behind him.
Van Reimsdyk has a season and half, plus the playoff run.
Turris has half of a season, while being stapled to Alfredsson... but only if we ignore the games that he played for Phoenix and to a lesser extent the postseason.

Did Weiss ever do that without 1st line center ice time? ... Nope.
Alfie was 60th in scoring with 59 points. Turris would never be able to get there without 1st unit PP time.

And a regular season pace of 43 points over 55 games.
A Senators pace of 47 points over 56 games.
A full year pace of 42 points over 62 games.

With many of those points coming within a short burst of 13 points in 16 games when he first joined Ottawa. The same exact kind of run he ha with Alfredsson as the one that Butler had with Spezza to finish 2010-11 (12 pts in his last 16 gp), when Butler was 23yo.

Oh, and Bobby Butler was on a 48 point pace in his half season worth of stats with Spezza.

#2 center like a Todd White or an Antoine Vermette? ... Sure, maybe.

Significantly more than that? ... No, I don't think so. What has he ever done in his entire life to separate himself from those guys?
Heck, at this point in his career; Havlat already has 42 (73gp), 50 (72gp) and 59 (67gp) point seasons under his belt.

Last year, Marcus Foligno scored at the same pace as Thornton, D.Sedin, Kopitar, Datsyuk, Hossa, Ericsson, E.Staal, Ribiero, Zetterberg, Parise and St.Louis.

Weiss is a penalty killer and face-off winner, Turris is neither right now.
Also, none of Weiss's career peaks happen if he hadn't have been used as a 1st line center. Not that he isn't a valuable player, but he's not putting up 55+ point seasons behind a Spezza. He's only been able to do it because he's been getting Spezza's minutes.

I question whether he'll ever be able to carry some of the players he'll have to on the 2nd line.


Alfredsson put up 61 points in 79 games last season. A 63 point pace.
Turris put up 32 points in 62 games last season. A 42 point pace.

Looks pretty significant to me. Looks like one of them would have been 44th in scoring and the other would have been 147th.
Holy SCHLAMOLY do you ever say anything??? This would have been annoying to come across in a "Useless Statistical Analysis of Turris" thread, let alone a Cowen trade thread. This reads like a Travis Yost post without actually having language behind it.

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