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Hey Panther fans, Im running a GM League and if a Panther fan wants to represent their team, that'd be great. Heres a quick rundown of the way the league works. Just PM if youre interested, Im trying to fill out the last 8 teams with extremely active managers:

The league requires you to be active, have knowledge of a teams roster and minors, and requires that you know how to operate within a budget since there is a salary cap of 75M.

Below are the rules we have come up with. If you would like to join please Private Message me and let me know which team you would like. I will do my best to accommodate you as it is first come, first serve. The list of teams available is as follows:

Tampa Bay

The concept of this league is common. It is a dynasty league in which all members will select one NHL team. Our salary cap is $75M, this means teams will have to make moves to stay under the cap otherwise they will not be allowed to sign free agents and will take a loss for every game they’re over the cap.

The league will be played on ESPN's Fantasy Hockey League in three leagues; a 30 team league and a 10 team Postseason League. The commissioner of the league is Tom of the Edmonton Oilers while the assistant commissioner is Matt from the NY Islanders.

We have very simple guidelines that we want people to abide by:

1. Have Fun
2. Be Active
3. Participate

Code of Conduct-
We are committed to making this a place full of integrity and respect. All owners should follow these guidelines:
• Members will respect and appreciate each and every member.
• Guests will be treated in a consistent, professional and courteous manner by all members.
• Members will not engage in a mean spirited argument with each other.
• There will not be any obscene or indecent messages posted as your icon on the chatroll, proboards, or ESPN.
• There will not be any obscene links posted on chatroll, proboards, or ESPN

The moderators and commissioners are left to intervene where necessary to help ensure that the above expectations are met, and members are encouraged to report any inappropriate behavior to the to them. Members and guest who choose not to adhere to these provisions will be subject to ejection.

Please do not sign up if you are not active. Please do not sign up if you are prone to abandoning teams because you do not win. This league is intended for active users ONLY. All players will be responsible for verifying when they are on vacation. If any health issues occur, if you can at least email or PM me it would be appreciated. If you are not visibly present for two weeks, your team will be assigned to a new owner immediately. I understand kids get sick. Spouses get sick. So on and so on. If you are able to be here you will let me know. Otherwise you will not. We will constantly look at who is active and who is not.

To be an owner you must be active and respectful. Anyone who fits this criteria and wants to join is welcome as long as an open spot is available. To become an owner they can simply contact a member of the Commissioner's Committee. We don't want any owners prone to quitting.

Only transactions made here will be honored. Any team that is caught adding players not on their roster will be warned and subsequently expelled.
Each team will be responsible to update their roster, minors, and transaction log. Team rosters consist of 35 spots. You will have starting:
4 C
4 LW
4 RW
6 D
1 G

For the bench you will have:

15 players at whatever positions you choose

There will be 3 IR slots for injured players

If you go over the 35 roster spots (not including IR) at any given time your situation will be reviewed by the commissioners and may result in a loss for every game you are over or another kind of penalty.

All teams must list at least fifteen minor leaguers at all times. Each team has rights to their real teams minor leaguers unless traded. You may also have another team’s prospect if signed or traded for.

I. Trading
a.) Trade Eligibility - In order to submit any trade to be reviewed, your roster must be currently up to date including payroll and previous transactions. You must also have payroll and roster space prior to submitting any trade for review. Any team that has not met all of the prerequisites may not submit a trade for review.

b.) Trade Review - All trades must pass a review period. The "Trade Committee", or "TC", will vote whether to pass or veto the trade. There will be seven members on the committee. It takes four TC approvals to pass or veto a trade, the first to four is the decision


c.) Trade Approval - Update your roster once the trade has officially passed. You may not make additional trades unless your roster is current. You may make multiple trades at one time, but your rosters and transaction log must be current. Once a transaction of any kind is made, you must update your transaction log before making any further type of transaction.

II. Call Ups/Send Downs
Players may be called up as you like. You may send a player down when:
a) They are in the minors
b) They are eligible to be sent down by the NHL team
c) They clear waivers here

III. Cutting Players
Dropped Players/DFA. Players under contract can be dropped from rosters to clear a roster spot if needed. However, the original owner is responsible for the entire contract for as long as the player remains with original team. If player is picked up and has multiple seasons remaining on his contract, the new owner is responsible for the remaining salary following the current season. New teams will only be responsible for 500,000 dollars of any contract.

IV. Free Agency/Waivers
a.) NHL Free Agents - Free Agency is a silent bidding system with a waiver priority, based on the past year's standings in this league, until the new season is a few weeks in then it will be by those standings, the tiebreaker for that being the interdivision record.

Money you bid will be paid for the first year only but you must also pay the players actual salary. You are also responsible for the bid on the signed player even if traded. It is your own business if you are to be compensated for the bid in a deal.

There is no max. bid amount for free agents. You can bid as much as you want. Just make sure you have the cap space.

b.) International Free Agents - Free agents from the Russian KHL or other leagues will be treated the same way as regular free agents. There is a silent bidding system and there is no max bid. Just make sure you have enough cap space. In the event of a tie, the tie breaker will be based on record. The team with the worse record of the tie breaker will get the player.

V. Extensions
The only extensions given are those by the real NHL team. However the extension only applies if it is before the player is in the last year of their contract or before their arbitration. Options count as extra years left on the contract.

VI. Resigning
You may resign any expiring player on your team. To resign any players you must PM Matt of the NY Islanders to let him know.

VII. Arbitration
To retain arbitration eligible players, like free agents, you must PM Matt of the NY Islanders with what players you are retaining.

VIII. Options
Some players may have a player or club option is some years. If it is:
a) Player Option
If the option vest the team here gets the player if not the team does not.
b) Club Option
This option is your own teams decision to make you may either decline or accept the option. If you accept the club option you must PM Matt of the NY Islanders to say that you are using the players club option.

All the transactions made must be documented in your team’s transactions log, preferably with a date of the transaction. All the above transactions except extensions and arbitration must be documented.

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