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08-12-2012, 10:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Spitsfan67 View Post
Branch went After One Of the Best first Don't worry the chips will start to fall and Londons,Kitchener,Sarnia and probably other teams in ohl and the CHL for that matter WILL get caught just a matter of time so all you fans ripping into the'll get your turn..Branch is just starting with the best
or maybe..just maybe.. the entire league WAS investigated..and Windsor was the ONLY team to break the rules...hence the hefty fine and penalty. The other side of the coin is also a possibility..remember that.

I've seen very little flaming of the Spitfires on any boards I post on. The most mudslinging I've seen has been from Spits fans telling every other fan base their day will come...and resorting to some pretty low ball comments. Most fans..while they may detest the Spits,or Knights,or Rangers or any other team..are OHL fans 1st and foremost and really want to know what happened. To get up in arms and start calling out everyone else doesn't solve anything.

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