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Originally Posted by Czech Your Math View Post
It shouldn't be expected that everyone perform or cite a study to support their position. What's frustrating is that many abandon simple logic when assessing the data available. I can understand when someone doesn't believe they have the math skills to perform or understand a study. I can't understand when they refuse to use logic.
I don't think this is quite correct. Abandonment would presuppose the presence of the skill at some point in the past. Although this is undoubtedly correct in the broadest sense it does not take into account skill levels. We can all broad jump - invitations to perform that skill at the Olympics uses a more selective process.

This isn't meant to be sarcastic or condescending to anybody. I just think it needed to be said.

Just as everybody has a certain level of mathematical skills that abandon them as the situation takes on more complexity or requires mastery of certain axioms or formulations so too does logic fall prey to similar difficulties. Those you refer to as refusing to logic are not refusing - they simply aren't very good at it.

Nobody has had more time to reflect on this than long suffering Oilers' fans who were first on this board to feel the onslaught of statistical analysis from those neither qualified in mathematics nor logic. That board was invaded by the psuedo statisticians as early as 2003 - the PDO referred to in another thread is the creation of one of the posters from that board as was the aberration performed on Corsi and its subsequent permutations. We were the 'By the Numbers' board for many long years and Oilers' blogs are still the breeding ground for much of the discussion.

This is an introduction thread, however, so I should introduce myself. I am an old, retired fart who did his graduate work in philosophy. Political Philosophy to be more specific.

I have a strong interest and skepticism in numerical analysis and its predictive abilities as applied to hockey. I am hoping to learn things here.

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