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08-12-2012, 11:24 AM
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Originally Posted by nyrpassion View Post
I think this completely blows up our team, chemistry and defense.
A reasonable impression I grant you, but are you sure? And why is everyone so set that chemistry is soooo inflexible? Who is to say that automatically, the replacements won't have= or even > chemistry (see points on Miller below)? It is true that undeniably this is a very big hit on D off the top, although the middle and bottom should be supplemented with Olsen and Martinez.

We also lose a C, and no thank you on Rupp being our 3rd line center, and JT Miller our 2nd line center. There are too many if's and but's to make the final line up actually happen.
It is a big risk even if Miller is pushed to 2nd line if, as seems plausible with Anisimov + Dubinsky both gone there is room for him to make the team if he can grab the brass ring. But a big risk, while genuine, is NOT automatically and inherently unreasonable. So if fortune favors the bold, do not be risk averse just to play it safe; but consider fully the pluses and the minuses.

JT Miller, from what I read on the boards, is really a playmaker with solid basic C skills, not as much a W, preferably. We can't assume he has the same sense of Stepan, but intangibles aside, he is physically more gifted. Yes, there is some time for the NHL learning curve, but there is no reason to think in Miller's case it would be more than minimal.

Miller can skate circles around Stepan. Miller with either Kreider/Hagelin at LW and Callahan on RW is, based on known skating prowess of the group, able to really sustain an uptempo press for a second line. If Stepan isn't traded anyway, and we believe in open competition, Miller should get a shot to excel with these speedy linemates. Miller hopefully will develop quickly, as he has shown to date; Stepan will never be faster, and those particular winger line mates are not slowing down any time soon. So if you believe Callahan + Kreider = 2nd line (given Nash-Richards-Gaborik = 1st line), then Miller is the natural fit for 2C, and helping make this, possibly, arguably an inevitability, happen by design, will accelerate things.

If you accept that, then sure Stepan is a solid 3c with solid, slower line mates (unless Hagelin at 3LW instead of 4LW). But again, Kane is extra special, on the order of a McDonagh or Kreider special, and some acknowledgment of that, and what you have to pay for that, is in order. If you don't think we need another player of THAT talent level, fine that is a separate argument, and I disagree, conditional to the cost and the salary/cap issues.
So, in short, I don't agree in giving up 2 strong D, a good young center, and 2 other F prospects, for Kane, who would be a 3rd line, bottom 6 forward in the line up and a right handed D. The team would be more hurt that helped, and that's just on paper, not considering chemistry and other intangibles.

Something more realistic would be,
Hagelin + Thomas + 2nd ?
Honestly, I dunno how high the Jets rate Kane.
The above proposal is not even remotely enough for a player on order of McDonagh/Kreider.

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