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Originally Posted by fimoknete View Post
well, is he on the team because he is a important asset or just because we have nothing better to offer.

this guys is not hitting, he is trying to hit.
this guy is not fighting, he ist trying to fight.
this guys is not playing hockey, he is trying to play.

at least he is trying. but do that in school and you can repeat the last class.
just trying not to fail is not good enough when other team simply not fail. same counts for ken holland. why does everybody compare our player only to other player of our team. aren't there 29 other teams out there we have to beat? put our 4th line vs the kings 4th and we get destroyed. so it doesnt matter wether gator is a better player then some ahl guys we have. if he cant beat the 4th line guys of other teams he is just failing.
the only thing what counts is the result. and almost every player in the nhl and ahl can achieve the same results of gator. he is just an expendable.
Which 12 forwards on this roster are better than Abby?

In what dimension are Lewis, Fraser, Nolan, Clifford, Westgarth better than Abby? Would you prefer Lewis' 7 points in 72 games? Fraser's 8 points in 67 games? They were both minus players as well.

Who on the Kings fourth line scored more points than Abby last season? None.

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