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Originally Posted by theoil View Post
I don't think this is quite correct. Abandonment would presuppose the presence of the skill at some point in the past. Although this is undoubtedly correct in the broadest sense it does not take into account skill levels. We can all broad jump - invitations to perform that skill at the Olympics uses a more selective process.

This isn't meant to be sarcastic or condescending to anybody. I just think it needed to be said.

Just as everybody has a certain level of mathematical skills that abandon them as the situation takes on more complexity or requires mastery of certain axioms or formulations so too does logic fall prey to similar difficulties. Those you refer to as refusing to logic are not refusing - they simply aren't very good at it.
Yes, I may have not used proper logic when talking about people's ability to use logic.

I guess I think people should be able to use basic logic more than basic math. Math relies on basic logic, but logic does not really rely on math. Maybe I'm wrong about this as well, but that's my perspective.

My main point is this: You don't need to have advanced math skills to contribute to this topic in some way. If you want to do a study of some kind, or be part of the discussion, don't limit yourself by your perceived ability. You don't need anything more than basic algebra for the vast majority of studies presented here, and nothing more than basic stats for many others. Also, if you still don't believe your skills are up to task, don't be afraid to make a post in the "Ideas for future studies thread" or do something similar to that. If you do so, it's likely someone will provide you with some input that may assist you in selecting a good approach to the study, including specific methodologies or calculations necessary to complete it. If not, at least someone may take the ball and run with it at some later time.

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