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04-27-2006, 03:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Jame
thats fair enough. i'll stick with calling it dirty since it was Gauthier. I feel it was intentional. I do agree that the extent of the injury falls upon Dumont's prior injury and the fact that he was skating at Gauthier. But Gauthier looks up, see him coming and sees a chance to make the type of plays he makes...dirty ones.

It's not a play that happens all the time. the "feeler" play is a poke to see where a guy is around the net when you've got your eyes on someone else. Gauthier looks at Dumont coming, turns his head, and spears him. Watch the replay again. wathc Gauthier head.

on another player it would've hardly been as big of a deal. just another shrug of the shoulders and a "eff Gauthier" under the breath.
dont you think gautier would at least put something on it if he intended to hurt dumont.. people are watching the replay a million times just to figure out whether there was movement on the stick or not..99% of the time a hockey player doesnt even notice that play

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