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08-12-2012, 12:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Epsilon View Post
I've mentioned it before, but there are basically three strikes (yuck yuck) against baseball:

1. Not a large number of participating countries, and quite localized.

2. Lack of the best players.

3. Frequent need/cost of constructing large specialized playing facilities.

Maybe the IOC should adopt a rule that the host nation for each Olympics can pick one sport for both men and women that gets added (with some basic minimum standards, so for instance the US couldn't pick American football). Then you could have baseball in the USA and Japan where they care about it and already have plenty of stadiums, without having to burden other host countries with it.
point 1, not a valid point when it comes to the Olympics, being that the same can be said for loads of other sports taking part in the event

point 2, that is not true, I know Cuba sends its full roster, and I believe the same is for S.Korea who since 2000 sent professional players as well as Japan...also, not valid considering how Olympic soccer works

point 3, it's the Olympics, meaning that building new facilities to allocate sports is not a novelty, at the same time if all these bunch of other meaningless events are taken out, than baseball would be easier allocated

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