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08-12-2012, 01:06 PM
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Originally Posted by wildthing202 View Post
Probably could given a week or two of training, like what Stephen Colbert did. I mean the horse does most of the work shouldn't be too hard to get the commands learned since the horses are multimillion thoroughbreds who know how to do everything already.

It's the opposite of horse racing, in the Olympics it the jockey who gets all the glory(medals) vs. horse racing where the horse gets all the glory(ex. does anyone even know w/o Wikipedia who rode Secretariat in his Triple Crown year?).

Same can be said for racing cars, once you learn how to drive it most of the work is done outside of strategy. I'd be willing to give equestrian sports a bit more credit if they added some rodeo stuff and if it wasn't just a rich people's sport.
You have no idea what you are talking about. Showjumping and dressage requires far more skill on the riders part than racing, that is why. The people who ride these horses have been doing it their whole lives.

You are wrong about racing cars too, especially for Formula 1 the drivers have to be incredibly strong to be able to withstand the high G's for so many laps. The reaction time of these drivers is unbelievable, they also have to have perfect knowledge of every track, every turn, and they have to know all of the science and technical stuff of the car inside out.

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