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08-12-2012, 02:08 PM
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Originally Posted by doc5hole View Post
Sinden, BTW, acquired Oates because he was dissatisfied with Janney's compete level, and he sacrificed a budding shutdown D he had drafted in the first round who was just coming into his own to sweeten the deal for St. Louis. And he made this decision after Janney had been the top-line center on a Boston team that went to two Cup finals and a conference final in the previous four years.
I think it's safe to say, based on Chiarelli's seven years at the helm, that he would not have swung the same deal.
Cracks me up that once again Harry gets burned at the stake in the same thread that one of his trades is getting celebrated.
wow Mick? can't disagree more on just black and white assessment. Chiarelli had the balls to get rid of Lewis and trade Kessel. Harry was pretty much ran a dictatorship with some input- but Chiarelli is the ultimate politician- surrounds himself with the best people he can and everyone has a chance to speak up.

There is ZERO chance Janney would last under this administration- and thats what it is. Now if you say Chiarelli is King then that is different, but he is new age and its unfair to expect him to assume the same position as Harry as he was never trained that way.

Harry is a throw back- an old timer in an era that is gone. He made spectacular moves- incredible; his top 3 trades bundled probably win the Gold Medal of that period of time-

Middleton for Hodge
Neely and Wesley for Pederson (but for last week tanking it was Turgeon or Shanny)
Espo/Vadnais for Zannusi and
Oates deal

he made others but these four just stick out as WTF epic alltime moves

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