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08-12-2012, 01:19 PM
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I know this is Oates thread and I love the guy- one of my alltime favorites.

I pointed him out to my kid onetime and said 'that is a hockey player'

Here is a quick little Oates story.

Back in the mid 80's there is this kid who shows up at my gym and is always there- got the mullet going, works out really hard, smiles at everyone, polite, just a peach. I chit chit with him pretty much every day and know his name is Adam but that is about it.

Its I think around the 4th of July weekend and smoking hot out; Me and my bud are going to go to Good Harbour Beach to my friends place and hang out and catch rays, chow of course and we are walking outside with Adam. We ask him if he wants to come with us and he says he'd love to but he has a power skating class and the guy wont be to happy if he doesn't show up. We are standing next to his car (Trans Am or Firebird, Camaro- one of those) and bingo- I realize looking at the RPI 16 (or whatever number he was but definitely RPI) it was Adam Oates. I say, your Adam Oates, and yes he was.

He explained although I already knew he had signed as a FA with the Red Wings and was staying at Paul Vincent's who lived in nearby Beverly (and later worked with Tampa and even Bruins) to work on his skating.

Great guy, first thing he does next time we see him is ask how the day was. Really good, good guy. Great for him- he may not be Gretkzky or Yzerman but I'll tell you he could do it all- and for a clean player he was tough, reminded me of Johnny Bucyk that way.

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