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Originally Posted by Kitten Mittons View Post
Saying we have players like Andersson then making a Nieto-Kreider comparison implies that we have players like him or better in the system. Yet I don't see it.

You're being overly critical on Detroit's farm system (bust, nothing special). I can also say Wingels is a borderline AHLer that had a 3 goal stint in the big leauges.
No, my point is that stats aren't everything. Nieto outscored Kreider in Hockey East, but nobody is rushing to claim he's better than Kreider.

But, if you want to be particular, John McCarthy scored 47 points in 65 games, which isn't worse than Andersson's 51 points in 73 games, right? You can manipulate numbers all you want.

Originally Posted by KirbyDots View Post
On the Kreider Nieto comparison. Kreider was BC's top player and played on the top line with the most minutes, Nieto played mostly on the 2nd line. He was also in his junior year while Nieto was in his sophomore and scored pretty comparably. Having watched both kids play I'd say they are both dominant players with pretty similar upsides. If Nieto continues to develop at his current pace he has the potential to surpass Kreider, but Kreider has more size though which should allow him to make a quicker transition to the NHL game. In short Nieto is our Kreider, its debatable who has more talent/skill but Nieto needs time to put on more muscle if his gritty game is going to transition to the bigs. I expect the org to take the Couture development path with Nieto, give him a year in the AHL to get him some more muscle.
Well, the other thing about Nieto is that even though he was only a year behind Kreider in school, he is two draft classes behind Kreider.

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