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Originally Posted by Ziggy Stardust View Post
In 1992-93, 16 of the leagues 24 teams finished with a record above .500. In 1993-94, 15 of 26 teams were above .500 (remember, they introduced two new expansions teams that season in Anaheim and Florida, and the Panthers were near .500).

So much for your theory. The quality of hockey during the lockout season was terrible. Go revisit the games from that season and see for yourself. So many players showed up out of shape and relied on clutching and grabbing. The sport was in much better shape prior to the lockout. Not that it didn't have its fair amount of infractions and obstructions happening, but there was a drop off in entertainment when the league resumed play in '95.
I remember the drop-off in quality and speed of play from that season just fine, but .500 records has nothing to do with it.

If there are a lot of +.500 teams in the league, that means that the losses that those teams are not getting, are being sucked up by bad teams. In 1993, the Lightning, Sharks and Senators finished a combined 44-195-13, which means they finished 151 games below .500 between them. That also means that the other 23 teams finished a combined 151 games above .500. No surprise that 16 of them had +.500 records. That's not parity.

For an opposite example, the 1996 Detroit Red Wings finished 49 games above .500, and by some amazing coincidence, only 2 other teams in the Western conference finished +.500, because many of their losses translated into wins for the Detroit Red Wings! That's not parity.

16 teams finished +.500 in 1993 isn't parity. 3 Teams in 1996's Western conference isn't parity. An equal number of both suggests parity.

Also, the "parity" in 1994-95 mostly arose from top and bottom teams not separating themselves over the short season. It had nothing to do with quality of hockey. Sort of like how, on the first day of the regular season, each team has either one loss or one win, and things spread out from there.

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