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The two happiest days for Pens fans:

Deal Is Done, Let Us Rejoice!!!

The Pens get their new arena and the Evolution will grow and prosper in Pittsburgh PA!!!

On behalf of all Pens fans everywhere...Thank You Mario. You continue to prove that you are one of the greatest things to ever happen to this city. Thank you.

See for yourself at


Your 2005 Lottery Story

Where you were, how nervous you were, how crazy you went. Just explain your experience.

I had to drop a deuce so from the toilet I watched the 30th and 29th pick. I thought to myself phew not the 30th, and came up with the crazy idea that the toilet was lucky. So I can say I watched the entire lottery from the toilet seat saying no no no no no no no no before each pick. When we got into the top ten I was very happy and thought maybe this is possible of happening. Pick after pick I was going crazy. When Bettman would turn the envelope around a few times I thought I saw the Pens logo. The final two was crazy. When our name was announced all havoc broke lose. I went nuts, called my college roomate and rubbed it in big time...(hes a Blue Jacket fan)

Overall great day made even better.

And just for fun, from 2007, this thread has Jagr, it has Madden, it has unsubstiated BS, what more could one want?

Mark Madden: Jagr wants to end his career as a PENGUIN

At Saturday's game Mark Madden had a conversation with Jarmoir Jagr. Jagr reportedly said "I'm going to play at least one more year after this season, maybe i'll finish my career up in Pittsburgh. I love it here, I still own my house here, it only seems fitting" When asked about being booed every time he touched the puck Jagr said with a smile, "I know they don't mean it"

I wonder if Madden is telling the truth.

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