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12-03-2003, 04:41 PM
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this is a question that is so befuddling its best not to bother thinking about it or your head might explode.....macT has smyth at center and HORCOFF on the wing..... umm, isnt horcoff better at center and smyth on the wing?? i would think that this would be one of those no-brainers..... i wont even get into the fact that horcoff is playing AT ALL.... he has been BY FAR the worst player (not including salo) on this team so far this year......

if smyth doesnt move back to LW when reasoner comes back i dont know what ill do with myself..... ill have to quit watching oilers games or something, because i will lose all control of my anger..... this is what any idiot in the world would have the lineup be:


there might be some wiggle room on the 3rd-4th lines, depending on who is playing well or not..... there even might be some discussion to be had about stoll playing over horcoff (but so far its not even a freaking decision).... but those first two lines are SO *****ING OBVIOUS that its not even funny.... it boggles the mind how macT doesnt see this

the fact that horcoff is on the wing while smyth is at center (during reasoners injury) is just beyong my comprehension.... can somebody PLEASE tell me what good this does?!?!

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