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Originally Posted by Talks to Goalposts View Post
If it was just 14 goals in a half season prior to this one I'd agree with you but I use better metrics than that.

A 14 goal half season player usually is one that got more than their share of the bounces over a short period of time. Just the nature of things recorded in small numbers than someone is bound to get lucky over that period of time.

Pacioretty wasn't like that, he dominated the shots and scoring chances charts and the Habs massively out-shot and outchanced their opponents with him on the ice. That's a mark of not luck but sustainable good play

If it was just that half season, chalk it up as a reason to be optimistic but following it up with a full season of doing it again is enough for me. Pacioretty is a top level winger.

Its not a matter of 47 goals in 116 games, its one and a half seasons of dominating the balance of play in the NHL, one is far more likely to be a flash in the pan than the other.

There's more evidence that Pacioretty is star winger than there is for a Evander Kane but people aren't doubting his future impact.

Its basically equivalent to the reasons I'd have to call his closest comparable in age and talent in Logan Couture a star forward. Except its easier to be a top level winger than a top level center, you can basically be a top 10 LW with the same impact of a top 30 C.
It's sad that we try to pass off players like Max as 'stars.' I guess we're just so starved for one that we just try to imagine players as being better than they really are. That's what we did with Koivu for years.

Max is not a star. Like his teammates Price and Subban, he has star potential but he's not there yet. He had a very good season and put up some nice numbers on a bad team. That doesn't put him into the 'star' category.

He's a legit 1st line player. He could turn out to be a very good player maybe even a great one. But it's way too soon to start calling him a 'star'. He's not there yet and he may never be.

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