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Originally Posted by Giroux tha Damaja View Post
Until we draft and develop (or trade) our next four first round picks we can't really know about that. Jury's still out on that.
Originally Posted by tuckrr View Post
We can certainly make those picks worth it..
But it still hurts bad. Weber for 4 late 1sts is unbe****inlievable value
Rhetorical questions... What are the odds that any of the four (probably) low first round selections will net anything near to a player destined to be among the top two or three in their position in the NHL? What are the odds that they will net a Number One, or even a top two Defenseman on the team? What are the odds they would add a player that could direct the path of a team. What are the odds of them bringing a player who could take over for Kimmo when he moves on? Even with the very decent to superior record the Flyers staff has had over the recent past in picking gems in the late first round, how many besides Giroux are SuperStar caliber? How many people would trade a 25% chance of a decent NHL player for a proven sure shot/established top of his position NHL player... assuming one of the four would be a gem?

IMO an established player trumps four shots at selection a gem prospect any day of the week... and to do so without losing a roster player thus giving you complete control of moving or no moving a player(s) to fit him is a dream come true... The chances of the Flyers obtaining a franchise player in the prime of his career -- as opposed to one like Pronger who was in the twilight of his career -- is miniscule at best... Homer gave his best shot, and but for the willingness of Nashville's owners to risk committing suicide with the financial structure of the contract and the financial stability of their Organization, Homer would have pulled it off <double sigh>

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