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Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post
This is a very big week

PA makes their proposal on Tuesday. Counterproposal. Its the PA's first proposal.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions but there are some people who shouldn't comment on stuff they know NOTHING about. I read a series of posts by the same guy on another team forum on this site inferring Henrik was bashing Dolan on twitter about the CBA. Henrik will get mad and will hold a grudge. The Rangers are pushing to take money away from Henrik because they don't want to share more revenue. The Rangers are the reason why there will be another lockout. How do you respond to that garbage without getting banned?

If the Garden had their way,there wouldn't a cap. Dolan agreed to share much more of his revenue to get a CBA in the NBA. There are teams pushing for the players % to drop. The players on those teams won't have an issue with their team using the same "logic" as that guy? There are teams such as Philly and Boston which don't want to share more revenue. The Garden wants to play. $14M is the maximum amount teams contribute to revenue sharing. The Rangers are probably one of those teams. Other teams will need to contribute more too. Including Boston and Philly.
Mind linking us to this poster so we can rip him a new one?

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