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08-12-2012, 09:02 PM
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Originally Posted by mrjimmyg89 View Post
Then how come his numbers went up going to a stronger league? The Junior leagues have more talented players than the ECHL. You don't see team's top picks playing in the ECHL, but you'll find them in junior hockey. Playing in the ECHL is like a death note for your NHL career. You do not see many, if any players that played in the ECHL playing at the NHL level. Junior hockey is easily better than the ECHL. That talent in the junior leagues is much higher.

Top picks play in juniors when they are 18/19. If a player makes it to the ECHL, he's already 20+, meaning further along in his development. It's ok to play in a lower league at 18, but not at 22.

While the juniors have some top picks, most of their players NEVER wind up making the ECHL because they NEVER become good enough for it. They either stop playing hockey or play in borderline-pro leagues.

But even if you compare the top players, a top-end ECHLer at the age of 27 is better than a #5 draft pick at the age of 18. The fact that he's older means he won't improve much and won't make the NHL, but it also means he's more experienced, physically stronger, emotionally more mature to handle adversity better, and less likely to make stupid mistakes.

The ECHL is easily better than the juniors.

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