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Originally Posted by Sportsfan1 View Post
Oh I would GLADLY argue that loudly. I actually took the time and went through the Stars roster today, here is their top 9:


First of all their defense is as averag as ours is, and their goaltending can also be as hot or ice cold as ours, so let's look at that offense.

Eriksson and Benn two superstars no question. The rest of that offense? Ryder had a career year last year, not saying he won't be good again, but they aren't called career years for nothing, he'll come back to earth this year. And you want Jagr, Roy and Whitney anchoring your second line? Morrow btw, is banged up, and more and more ineffective, he does not have much time life. Nystrom also will of course not come anywhere close to the numbers he produced from no where last year.

But back to that second line, Jagr did not seem all that thrilled to be there considering he talked about Montreal and wanting to be there the day he signed. Jagr also broke down the second half of last year and he was playing on a great offensive team where he was a secondary scorer, next year he will be counted on to produce at his age. I'm telling ya that ain't happening all year long, and i'm betting he's gone by the trade deadline. Whitney seems like an ageless wonder but at some point the glass is going to run out on that tank, and it's going to be on the Stars watch, and Derek Roy anchoring the second line over Ribeiro? Guy won't stay healthy and see 50 games next year.

Their scoring depth is shallow, it's a poorly, poorly put together team realying on some wierd combination of youth and old, old geezers and I bet ya they finish right where Calgary is in the 9-13 range next year and I will be SHOCKED, SHOCKED if they somehow make the playoffs next year.
You say you'd strongly argue that they didn't improve, then all you say is that you think their team is bad. That's not making a relevant argument. Improving and being good aren't anywhere close to the same thing.

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